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1Dead flies make the sweet ointment of the perfumer turn rancid and ferment; so a little folly can make wisdom lose its worth.

2The minds of the wise turn to the right, but the mind of a fool to the left.

3Even when he travels, the fool shows no sense and reveals to everyone how foolish he is.

4If the anger of the ruler flares up at you, do not leave your post; submission makes amends for grave offences.

5There is an evil that I have observed here under the sun, an error for which rulers are responsible:

6fools are given high office, while the rich occupy humble positions.

7I have seen slaves on horseback and men of high rank going on foot like slaves.

8He who digs a pit may fall into it, and he who breaks down a wall may be bitten by a snake.

9He who quarries stones may be hurt by them, and the woodcutter runs a risk of injury.

10If the axe is blunt for lack of sharpening, then one must use more force; the skilled worker has a better chance of success.

11If a snake bites before it is charmed, the snake-charmer loses his fee.

12Wise words win favour, but a fool's tongue is his undoing.

13He begins by talking nonsense and ends in mischief run mad.

14A fool talks at great length; but no one knows what is coming, and what will come after that, who can tell?

15The fool wearies himself to death with his exertions; he does not even know the way to town!

16Woe betide the land when a slave becomes its king, and its princes begin feasting in the morning.

17Happy the land when its king is nobly born, and its princes feast at the right time of day, with self-control, and not as drunkards.

18If the owner is negligent the rafters collapse, and if his hands are idle the house leaks.

19The table has its pleasures, and wine makes for a cheerful life; but money meets all demands.

20Do not speak ill of the king when you are at rest, or of a rich man even when you are in your bedroom, for a bird may carry your voice, a winged creature may repeat what you say.

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